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“Just like home”

The Health and Care Hub will look after you offering a wide variety of specialised solutions to help with your everyday needs.

When, however, even with this level of help, life alone at home becomes too difficult, either because you can no longer cope on your own or because your specific needs require more continuous care, then the “Am Schmëttbesch” Health Centre in Schifflange will take you in and provide all that is necessary to make it feel almost like home.

What we provide

  • A delightful setting on the edge of a wood on the heights above Schifflange, some 5 minutes from the town centre
  • Buildings designed in all their details specially for disabled people
  • A warm and convivial atmosphere
  • Quality accommodation with impeccable hygiene and cleanliness standards
  • Meals that are conceived to provide a balanced and varied diet, not forgetting culinary traditions and the pleasures of eating well
  • Diverse suitable daily activities to stimulate each individual
  • An experienced multi-disciplinary professional staff available round the clock seven days a week
  • Appropriate individualised treatment irrespective of the type of independence lack for each individual
  • Personalised quality welcome throughout your stay
  • Special units dedicated to disoriented elderly people
  • A care team specially trained in palliative treatment and caring for dementia
  • A partnership with our consultant geriatrician