CAMILLE home help and care
with understanding as well

The Novelia Senior Services Health Care Hub encompasses services tailored to your specific needs – the network of home help and care professionals, the Psycho-Geriatric Centres (CPG), the CAMILLE Retirement Homes ( Résidences Seniors and CIPA) and the Am Schmëttbesch Health Centre – all of which have the sole aim of satisfying each client and the client’s immediate family circle.

This desire for excellence, which is shared by all the hub’s professional staff, applies to all the services and competence that we provide for our clients regardless of age, sex, religion, etc. Explicitly this means any person whose physical and/or mental capabilities are altered, either temporarily or permanently, and for whom their immediate entourage is not in a position to take sole responsibility faced with the difficulties of maintaining that person at home.

We refuse to label such men and women as patients or as being simply sick.

Our desire is to focus on the human aspect and ensure a quality accompaniment, fully respecting the essential dignity of the dependent individual, as well as providing support for the individual’s immediate family entourage.

Our values – professionalism, respect, patience, discretion, constancy, availability – are just some of the key virtues that guide our work with people lacking personal independence.

All our activities are approved, certified and labelled.

Please read our quality policy

A multi-disciplinary team

A team of qualified professionals covering all the required disciplines to ensure uninterrupted care as guaranteed by incapacity insurance contracts.

Novelia Senior Services


Director of Novelia Senior Services

Our professionals


Our nurses provide all the essential care needed to maintain or improve your state of health. They monitor your health and coordinate all the activities from other care professionals and the medical staff. They will keep you well informed concerning their daily activities and are there to ensure you receive high-quality medical care and that you know what is being done for you.

Socio-family assistant

The socio-family assistant helps at particular moments during the day for those simple everyday activities (washing, nutrition, etc.). They also organise other activities depending on your interests – board games, physical, cultural, and creative activities – all designed to improve your physical well-being and bolster morale.


Physiotherapists carry out specific rehabilitation, massage and medical gymnastic activities to help prevent any diminution of your physical capabilities and, in cases where there is a change in your abilities, to restore such capabilities or to supplement them by advising on the appropriate equipment to use.


The psychologist is there to listen to your own individual requirements. He/she is there to help you through those difficult times linked to the understanding and acceptance of the changes that you may experience due to illness, disability or age.


The dietician designs balanced and varied menus taking into account your particular pathology, if any, your pet hates or any allergies. He/she works very closely with the medical and care teams to be able to adapt the daily menus (texture, special diets, etc.) to your particular state of health.

Quality manager

The quality manager ensures that internal procedures are scrupulously followed so that the highest quality of service is provided to each resident. He/she acts as a mediator between residents and provides the solution to any complaints that may be made. In addition, the quality manager is required constantly to be seeking improvements to the services or to the smooth functioning of all the centre’s activities.

Care assistants

Care assistants carry out all the daily activities for treatment, hygiene and patient comfort. They thus contribute to your well-being and your independence with help in all the simple acts of everyday life. They oversee your general state throughout the day and liaise with other professionals to ensure you receive the right treatment/care at the right time.

Occupational therapists

These professionals enter on the scene whenever a health problem starts to limit your capacity to communicate, to move about or to carry out simple daily hygiene activities. They help reduce or prevent disability situations from arising by helping you to continue to carry out your daily activities in safety bearing in mind your habits and your environment.

Speech therapists

Speech therapists analyse any speech difficulties (aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia, and dysphonia) and put the individual appropriate therapy into operation. They work in close cooperation with the other specialists and your entourage so that their recommendations become a natural part of your daily routine and therefore improve your level of social contact and well-being.



The role of the teacher is to organise individual or group activities which help in maintaining, arousing or developing your functional, cognitive, mental and physical capabilities. With specialised workshops, they also help to stimulate the physical ability to carry out essential daily activities (washing, eating, etc.) as a way of helping you have more independence.


Social worker

The social worker’s role is to facilitate the administrative formalities required for ensuring that all appropriate allowances and social benefits are duly acquired. He/she also acts as a go-between with the internal departments, the other residents, the families and any external service providers. The social worker is there to answer all your questions and guide you when necessary.