Available wherever you are
in Luxembourg
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For nearly 20 years now, the Novelia Senior Services Health Care Hub has been providing tailored care services throughout the Duchy, whatever your age, wherever you live and for whatever you need :

  • a network of home help and care professionals
  • the Psycho-Geriatric Centres (CPG)
  • the CAMILLE Retirement Homes
  • a Health Centre
  • an Integrated Retirement Home (CIPA)

All our specialised centres work around the same set of values – professionalism, respect, patience, discretion, constancy and availability. These virtues are the principal building blocks on which our everyday work with dependent people is based.


As Sophie Feller,
the Director of Novelia Senior Services says:

« Liking other people and taking care of them is acting with humanity.
But understanding them – that is virtue ».

Confucius fully reflects the philosophy of our NOVELIA Senior Services Health Care Hub.

We focus first and foremost on the human dimension with our vision of how to provide a high-quality caring environment for dependent people or those with special needs, while at the same time providing the necessary support to their immediate entourage.

I have been working with these basic principles for the past 20 years armed with a genuine passion for quality, and supported by the professionalism, motivation, integrity and dedication of the centre’s staff.

For me it is indispensable to be able to provide a complete range of complementary services in order to respond properly to the needs of those who put their trust in us.

I believe that the benefits of our human, not to say altruistic, approach contribute significantly to the well-being of our clients. Such fundamental beliefs, coupled with our determination to understand, are the bedrock of the reliability, the rigour and the effectiveness that represent the hallmark of our everyday action.

May we be at your side as long as is needed !


Employment opportunities

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Employment opportunities

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A new retirement home

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